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Heather's husband is very lazy.

But he's also very competitive!

So she challenged him to a baking contest

"I bet I can bake more pies than you can!"

"No, I can bake the most pies!"

So they started baking.

Her husband baked six pies.

He even baked a cake!

Heather only made one pie!

She didn't even put it in the oven!

After the contest, the kitchen was very messy.

"I bet I can clean faster than you can!"

"No, I can clean the fastest!"

So they started cleaning.

Her husband cleaned six plates and three bowls.

He even swept the floor!

Heather only cleaned two plates.

She didn't even get all the dirt off!

"I win! I baked more than you and cleaned more than you!"

"Yeah... but now I have a lot of pies and a clean kitchen!"