Pat and Stacey are neighbors.

Pat is going on a long trip.

"I need someone to feed Fluffy while I'm gone!"

So he calls up Stacey.

"Stacey, can you feed Fluffy while I'm gone?"

"Sure, I'll feed fluffy while you're gone."

So she heads to the pet store.

"Wait, what kind of animal does he have anyway?"

"Maybe he has a dog."

"I'll buy a bone!"

"Maybe he has a cat."

"I'll buy a fish!"

"Maybe he has a bunny."

"I'll buy a carrot!"

"Hey Pat! I got some food for Fluffy!"

It's a snake!!!

"Why did you buy a bone?"

"Well, you might have had a dog."

"Why did you buy a fish?"

"Well, you might have had a cat."

"Why did you buy a carrot?"

"Well, you might have had a bunny."

"But snakes don't like any of those things!"

"Looks like he likes them just fine!"