This is Miss Smith. She is a teacher.

She's teaching the children about Sir Edmund Hillary today.

One of the children, Tom, is naughty and is already pulling Mary's hair.

Miss Smith asks the kids "Who has ever climbed a mountain?"

Bob says "I've climbed a mountain!"

Miss Smith tells the kids "Well, Hillary climbed to the top of Mount Everest."

Mary interrupts to complain "Miss Smith, Tom has been pulling my hair since the class began!"

Miss Smith says to Tom, "Go to the principal's office!"

Miss Smith tries to teach again. She says "On the way down, it was dangerous. Snow had covered the climbers' tracks."

Mary interrupts to say "Miss Smith, Bob has fallen asleep!"

Miss Smith has become frustrated.

Miss Smith is about to talk again, but another kid interrupts to say "Miss Smith, the class pet rat has just died!"

Mary says "That’s wrong! He died yesterday!"

Miss Smith is so angry now.

The principal comes in and says "No smoking in the school, Miss Smith."