This is John and this is Sue.

John and Sue are out fishing one day.

Suddenly, two police officers pull up in a boat.

"Oh, no; let's get out of here!" says John.

They run to an old abandoned cottage.

"Let's hide in here!"

"Where can we hide?" asked John.

"We could hide in that box..." suggested Sue.

"Or we could hide under the bed..."

"Or we could hide behind the curtain."

"We can't hide in that box." said John.

"It's too small."

"And we can't hide under the bed."

"It's too short!"

"We'll have to hide behind the curtains."

So they hide behind the curtain.

Then the police find the cabin.

"Where could they be hiding?"

"They could be hiding in that box..."

"Or they could be under the bed..."

"Or they could be behind the curtain."

"Well, they can't be inside the box."

"It's too small!"

"And they can't be under the bed."

"It's too short!"

"They must behind that curtain."

So the police officers check behind the curtain.

But John and Sue have escaped out of the window!

"Oh no!" cries the officer. "Now how are we going to return their lost wallet?!?"