Yesterday, Anna was playing outside with her brother and her sister.

Her brother shouted: "Let's have a contest! Whoever climbs the tallest tree wins!"

First he tried to climb the tallest tree in the garden, but it was too tall.

So he climbed a shorter tree.

Among the three kids, he was the one who climbed the tallest tree, so he won the contest.

Anna lost because she climbed the shortest tree.

Anna's sister said to her, "The only reason that he won is that he is taller than us...

...Let's see who can run the fastest!

...I bet we can run faster than he can."

So they had a race.

Anna's sister crossed the finish line first

But Anna finished last.

There was an apple tree in the garden, and many of the apples in the tree were ripe.

Anna said, "It's not important how fast you can run.

...Let's see how many apples we can pick!"

Anna picked the most apples.

Anna's brother picked fewer apples than Anna did.

Anna's sister picked the fewest apples.

Anna said, "I won! I picked the most apples! ...

...But we are a good team, because together we picked most of the apples in the tree."

When they got home, Anna's brother shouted: "Let's have another contest! Whoever drinks the most juice is the winner...

...I bet I can drink more juice than both of you."

He was right. Anna and her sister drank less juice than he did.

Anna's sister drank the least juice, so she lost.

Together, they drank most of the juice.

Only a little bit of it was left.

Anna said to her brother, "Well, you drank the most juice...

but I'm the one who has the smallest waist!"

Their mother said, "It doesn't matter how thin you are. The winner is the one who has the biggest heart."