Joseph, Ana and Sina are siblings. They are outside in their family's cacao plantation. Joseph suggests to have a contest and see who can climb the tallest cacao tree.

He goes to try to climb the tallest cacao tree in the planation, but he fails: The tree is too tall.

So, he climbs a different tree. His sister Ana also climbs a cacao tree. His sister Sina climbs a mango tree. Among the three children, Joseph was the one who climbed the tallest tree.

So, he wins the climbing contest!

Ana lost because she climbed the shortest tree. She is very upset and cries. Her sister Sina tries to calm her: "Ana, don't cry. The only reason Joseph won is that he is taller than us."

Ana stops crying and suggest a new contest: "Let's see who can walk the fastest! I bet I can walk faster than Joseph can!"

So, they do their walking competition.

Sina is the first to reach their goal and wins. But Ana finishes last.

There is this big mango tree in the planation and many of the mangoes on the tree are ripe.

And indeed, Ana picks the most mangoes. Her brother picked fewer mangoes than Ana did, and Ana's sister Sina picked the fewest mangoes. Ana wins!

She says: "But we also win as a team because together we picked most of the mangoes in the tree!"

They return to their house because they are thirsty. Joseph suggest to have one more contest: "Whoever drinks the most coconuts is the winner!" He drinks three coconuts, so he wins. Ana drank fewer coconuts than Jospeh but more than Sina. Sina only had one coconut, so she lost, again.

Their mother comes back to the house and the children all start talking at once: "I won the climbing and the coconut contest! I am the winner!" shouts Joseph. "I picked the most mangoes! I am also a winner!" shouts Ana. "I won the walking competition to the big stone because I walked the fastest! I am a winner!" shouts Sina.

"Children, be quiet!" says the mother. "I am the real winner - I have the best kids!"