This is John and Mary's house.

It's beside the river.

One night, John says, "I'm going to go out and chop some wood."

"I'll make a bigger fire."

But Mary says, "John, don't go chop wood in the dark!"

"You'll drop some."

"Then when I get up to go the outhouse, I'll trip over it."

"I'll fall into the water."

"And I'll have to walk home soaking wet."

But John says, "Oh no, I'll be careful."

And he goes out and chops wood.

And on his way back in he drops a piece, on the path.

Later that night, Mary trips over a piece of wood in the dark.

And she falls in the water.

And she has to walk home soaking wet.

She comes in, and she's real mad.

She says, "If you hadn't have chopped that wood, I wouldn't have fallen in the water."

"And I wouldn't be standing here soaking wet!"

John looks at her and says, "Well, I don't see why you're mad…"

"If I hadn't (have) chopped the wood for you, you wouldn't have this nice big fire to warm up by."